Monday, September 7, 2009

Another UFO Finished-Out of the Box

Several years ago I was in a monthly block swap where you were passed a box with instructions on completing a block. Every time I completed a block for the box owner, I made an extra block for me to keep. I made the blocks so that they would measure 6" square (finished). I then kept adding to this collection by making a few blocks after each quilt I made (with the leftover fabrics) or when I had some time between projects. I did not want any two blocks to be the same, so it became a challenge (a fun one) to search the Internet and my quilt books for new block designs. I pieced, appliqued, paper-pieced, and made dimensional blocks. I learned new techniques along the way. When I had a little over 110 blocks, I decided it was time to sew them together. This is the result. I appropriately named it Out of the Box.

I will eventually get around to making a quilt from the blocks in my box.

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