Friday, November 20, 2009

Busy with the Holidays

I have been busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. Even if there is not a large crowd at my house, I still make the same amount of food. I don't know why I do this, perhaps because it makes me feel good. Everyone has that one dish that they expect on the table and I would rather have more than less. Then I try to use all the leftovers during the course of the next few days. Of course the desserts are never a problem :).

I have also been finishing up a few projects, but because they will be given as gifts, I will not post pictures until after the holidays. From the time my kids were little, all the gifts except for one was always from Santa. That one exception was a handmade gift from Mom and Dad. This tradition has brought me a lot of satisfaction, not to mention frustration at times, because I always try to make different things. Now after 20 years or so, I am not sure I can keep it up. I have made stuffed toys, handbags, dolls, bean-bag like chairs, pillows, quilts, and a 6' tall tee pee. I have loved every minute of it, especially the looks on my children's faces. I hope that they will always know and remember that I have made them with love.


  1. They will NEVER forget!! We did the same and the special gifts that I made from blocks, puzzles (I used to do woodworking), dolls, outfits for the dolls and our children, blankets, etc., and the gifts the children made in school were exchanged on Christmas Eve before they hung their stockings. They are now from 31-40 and I still make gifts for them and their children. They are the MOST treasured gifts!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Florence

  2. Oh how wonderful - all I've made for my kids are quilts. Of course, they only ever get 3 gifts, so they usually want something to do with computers. When they were small, it was lego's.