Friday, January 15, 2010

A new girl in town

I have so much fun making dolls. Each one develops its own personality as I add embellishments. Of course it all begins with color. I pick out the fabric I will use for the arms, upper legs, lower legs, and body. Then as I create the face and add on her hair, the personality begins to come through. Then I add necklaces, scarves, rings, bracelets, leg ribbons, etc… I love the process! Every time I look at them, they bring a smile to my face. Each one is unique to me. I had started this doll in December and finally finished all the embellishments.


  1. Talin -- she is so cute!! When I first looked at her, I thought she was very tall. What a fun project!! She would make anyone smile! Florence

  2. How cute is she! There is a lady in our guild who makes the most marvelous dolls. It is fascinating to me and I admire you for making them.