Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just needs a label

I made this quilt a long time ago.  The center medallion is made from one of my daughter's old sweatshirts.  I thought it would be cute to give it to her once she was done wearing it.  I always loved seeing her in the sweatshirt because it was the only pink she would ever wear.  She is totally not a "pink" girl.  This was at least 15 years ago.  Needless to say she never did get it.  I finally finished it over the summer because I was determined to finish all of my UfO's, regardless of whether or not it was going to be used.  Unfortunately, I never got around to sewing on the label.  And, yes, a quilt is still complete without a label.  Now I am sitting here trying to think of something cute to put on the label, anyone have any ideas?  I still plan on giving it to her.   By the way, she is no longer averse to wearing pink :).

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  1. i found you!!! I love garage saling too. Chrissy and I go. She finds the best stuff. I'm an in and out kinda chick. Chris looks at EVERYTHING!! Cheryl