Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Joy Quilting Frame

I bought a New Joy Gold Standard quilting frame last month and have been busy setting up and learning more about it.  The first difficulty I had was finding a place to set it up.  As it turns out, the family room was the only room that it would fit in.

Unfortunately it sort of dominates the room, but what else can a quilter do?  I decided to try it out on a strip quilt (I have posted a picture of this quilt a few weeks ago).  I thought I would just do a meandering loopy design, which worked out really well.  Now my stitches need a lot of improvement, but I am assuming I will get better with time.  I had an issue with thread tension, but I went on the New Joy Yahoo group to resolve this problem.  Look at my stitches...

I have learned a lot doing this and I am looking forward to the next quilt, next adventure.


  1. good for you! You will get better with practice and you'll surprised how quickly!

  2. Looks like fun. My cousin's SIL bought a big frame and ended up taking over the bedroom. They had to move to a smaller room for their bedroom.

  3. All your creations are just beautiful. When are you going to start quilting my quilts!!