Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Amazing

Well, my daughter is home from school and it has been fun spending time with her.   I haven't had much time to sew and I don't mind it at all...for the time being anyway.

We will be celebrating my nephew's college graduation.  As I mentioned, I made a large (86" x 70") quilt for him.  I tried to make it as masculine as I could, but I cannot and will not stay away from the brights.  He is a really good kid and I hope he likes it.

The stars you see in the center of the sashing is fairly easy to do and I like the way they turn out, I think it adds to the quilt.


  1. It is beautiful! I am sure he will appreciate it and he is very lucky to have you as his aunt! ... Ilia

  2. Wait, is this robert's?

    I LOVE IT!!! <3