Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's Going On?

So I was all caught up with my UFO's a few months back.  Well, now I look at my list and find that I am currently working on 17 projects (handbags and quilts).  Am I nuts?  I see projects I like and instead of putting them on a list, I start collecting, cutting, sewing, etc.  I know I should just work on one project at a time.  Unfortunately, that does not work for me. 

This past week end we met at the firehouse.  I decided to work on one of the many projects, Seeing Red from QNM June 2000.  I have to make 252 Drunkard's Path blocks.  So far, I have completed 154...yay, only 98 more to go.  Here is a picture of 4 completed blocks sewn together.


  1. Ah yes Talin, I'm like you and enjoy working on a few things.
    Nice DP blocks... I bet the quilt will be fantastic!

  2. You are that far ahead...you are amazing! Can not wait to see it complete! I'm sure you will finish it before I finish my first quilt...lol