Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hexagons? Me?

In the North Carolina Quilt Symposium goody bag, there were a set of 7 paper hexagons and small fabric squares with instructions.  They were donated by Paper Pieces and Blank Quilting.  On the top there was a warning "Addicting and Contagious!" and now I can see why.  I decided to give it a try while I was watching television the other night.  I finished all 7 hexagons in less than half an hour.  I sewed them together and then was wondering what I would do with them.  I finally decided on a pin cushion because I recently purchased glass head pins that needed a home.  I did not realize until I was finished that the glass head pins were yellow (lime green) and blue...they matched the pin cushion perfectly.

I filled the pin cushion with crushed walnut shells (I purchased a small bag from the pet store a while ago).   It has lasted a long time, but  I am almost finished with the bag...I guess I will have to make another trip to the pet store if I want to continue making pin cushions.


  1. Your pincushion turned out wonderful...and you're right..the pins match perfectly!

  2. It's beautiful! Not only are hexagons addictive but so are pincushions. It's lovely that you were able to combine the two.