Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mama's Got A New Bag...Beach Bag

Okay, so a while ago I had made a fabric bowl (August 2009).  Well, I thought of making a handbag using the same technique.  Here is the result...
I started out with blue fabric for the base and bottom of the bag.  Then I continued with a fabric I loved for the top of the bag.  The best thing about this bag is that it is already fully lined.

I added an inside pocket, which was the hardest part of the process.  The bag is fairly stiff and it is hard to get it under the presser feet.  If you have a large sewing machine bed (which, of course, I don't) then it would not be as difficult.

I sewed 3 long pieces of cording for each handle and voila...front and back.

It will be my new beach bag.  Now to go back and make a smaller one that I can use during the summer.


  1. It looks fabulous! I love the fact that it is already lined.

  2. That is are SO talented and creative... Where is the cold pack insert for the mojito bottle...? hee hee!

  3. Hi Talin,
    Thanks for popping by the Shabby Art Boutique for a visit. I hope you will pop by often.

    I loooooove this bag. Apart from the fact that it is my fav colour blue and would be perfect for my beach house, it is big enough (& looks strong enough) to fit everything in for a trip to the beach. This looks like a very interesting technique.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  4. What a lovely bag Talin - the colour is perfect for summer.