Thursday, June 10, 2010

North Carolina Quilt Symposium

Last Wednesday, I left for a long trip down to North Carolina for their quilt symposium.  I took two classes, one with Laura Wasilowski titled The Garden of Eden and one with Elin Waterson titled Fabric Journals.

In Laura Wasilowski's class I produced this beautiful wall hanging...

All the fabric used were hand dyed.  We basically cut flowers in any way we wanted, we needed 3 large, 5 medium, and 15 small flowers.  As you can see, I could not even follow those instructions very well.  We cut green bias strips for the stems/leaves and ironed them onto a background.  Then we placed the flowers on top and ironed them down.  I decided to frame my wall hanging.  It seemed a bit lacking, so I cut yellow triangles and randomly placed them on two of the sides.  I liked the way it turned out; I thought it added to the picture.  Now I am left with adding some beads and embroidering here and there.  Then I will quilt and bind it for hanging.  Since we were not following a pattern, each student's quilt was different.

In Elin Waterson's class I was able to complete 5 pages of my fabric journal.  I had picked a theme prior to going to the class, but not much else.  We learned about the basic construction techniques, but then we were left to our own devices.  I enjoyed being able to do anything you wanted without patterns or limits.  Here is the cover of my fabric journal; it is a picture of my two daughters when they were young...
The following pages are really cute too...

I loved creating these pages.  I made the hangers from paper clips, and the shoe charms are from an old bracelet I no longer wear.  The dress was so hard to make because I wanted it to be 3 dimensional.  I actually sewed it prior to hanging it on the hanger.  I also crouched down one side of a zipper in a curling shape.   Then I added buttons, of course.  So many ideas were flooding my brain, but there was only so much I could do. 

Here are the next two pages...

These pages still need some work.  I have added some beads, but not much else.  I look forward to finishing this fabric journal.  I have not yet decided on how many pages there will be and I am enjoying the fact that I do not have to make that decision.  After completing a few pages, I walked around the room to see what my classmates were doing.  Everyone was so creative! 

Well, so long for now...I have a few pages to create.


  1. What fun projects and what great classes!!!

  2. Phew...I was desperately waiting for your blog update. Worth the wait. Very cool.... a fabric journal? Never heard of it... yet one more thing you will have to expose me to. Chuck says I already have too many projects... hee hee.

  3. Talin, I always tell you how very creative you are -- they are both fantastic!! I bet YOU amazed the ladies GIVING the classes. I keep looking at your flowered top and wonder how in the world will you quilt it?? Missed you at the Firehouse and I'm really looking forward to seeing these projects. Florence

  4. Hey! Thanks for posting these pictures. You were great to have in class. Make sure you post again when your journal is finished.


  5. Wow, what a trip you made. I took a class with Laura when she came to symposium several years ago. She is a lot of fun.