Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not Too Proud

I titled this quilt Not Too Proud (String Quilt) because although I love it, I did not do a very good job quilting it.  Though, to defend myself, it was my very first quilt that I quilted on my New Joy Quilting Frame.  The most valuable lesson that I learned was that I needed the stitch regulator.  I hesitated in purchasing it because it was so noisy in the store, what a mistake.  But I did learn from it and purchased one right away.   I finished it a while ago, but did not get to bind it until the other night.  And I do not consider a quilt finished until it is bound.

So I took a much needed break and went outside.  And this is what captured my attention...
a beautiful butterfly on a coneflower/Echinacea.  Wish I was a better picture taker.

I then had the courage to try quilting again using the stitch regulator.  My second quilt (Split 9-patch) came out much better.  I know it takes practice and time, but sometimes I am a bit impatient.  
So for now I am content and looking forward to quilting another one.


  1. What fun to play around with the quilting. I am sure that the stitch regulator must make a huge difference.

  2. I don't want to much try free-motion quilting without a stitch regulator - although I think your quilting looks fine in the first pic, it looks SPECTACULAR in the last pic! These quilts are both wonderful!
    And I do love your pic of the butterfly!

  3. You continue to amaze me... You are and always have been a perfectionist and there is nothing wrong with it. Perfect is in the eyes of each individual. In my eyes regulator or not, they are both perfectly beautiful. You are my inspiration for when ever I retire and finally get the time to join you doing all this fun stuff!... Ilia