Monday, September 27, 2010

My Pin Cushion Swap Is Sent to My Secret Partner

Well, I wrapped the pin cushion I made for the Pin Cushion Swap 2 with a fat quarter and added an owl for decoration.  I love making these little owls, some sit on a twig and others have a pin sewn to the back.  Anyway, I mailed it out to my secret partner today so she should receive it later this week.  Hope she likes it...

Although I have posted a picture of it before, I thought it would be okay to do so is the pin cushion.


  1. That pincushion is darling, and I love the way you wrapped it! The little owl is so sweet - did you make the pattern for that? I love it~!

  2. Love the pincushion!! So bright and cheery. And the owl is adorable. Your secret partner should be pleased!

  3. I love how little the owl is, I want one!!