Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bloggers Quilt Festival

I came across the Blogger's Quilt Festival through a fellow blogger, Allie,  because she had entered her Lemon Tree Quilt in it.  So, while I was reading the entry requirements, I thought about entering a quilt.  Now we all know that my scrappy Pineapple Log Cabin quilt is my favorite, but the quilt that holds a pretty special place in my heart is this one:

It is not a new quilt.  I guess I started it in when I was in a block swap.  I made a copy of every block I sent away.  When the swap was over, I had a lot of blocks, but not enough to make a quilt.  So, I decided to make blocks from leftover fabrics from the quilts I made.  I love it because it is my personal sampler block quilt (if that makes any sense).  I also enjoyed the quilting because each block is different.  So this is the one I will enter.  Thanks to Amy who is hosting this festival.


  1. Great quilt and great story how it came to be.... I love how you have quilted each block differently.... lots of memories of who you sent blocks too I guess....
    Quilt Festival is such a great idea isn't it?

  2. What a great idea!!! It must have been a fun swap too.

  3. Talin I love this quilt - it's got everything going for it! I love the colors, the different blocks, the different quilting and to make it even more special, it holds memories. Wonderful quilt!!!

  4. Love the story behind the quilt! Love the colours and the different techniques you have used.

  5. That is my favorite kind of quilt. Scrappy sampler -- I love it!

  6. Lovely story for a lovely quilt. Thank you for visiting, and yes I wish I had the chance to ask him for tea. But Ce' la vie -!!!


    -Samya :-)

  7. That's pretty cool... Ilia!