Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Qbot Update and Apricot Moon Designs

So since I got my Qbot (for those who don't know what a Qbot is...it is a quilting robot), I have been practicing and playing around with it.  The Qbot comes with a set number of designs (block, overall, border, and corner).  There are only two overall designs (roses and puzzle pieces).  Since most of my quilts are very busy, I tend to use overall designs.  The first few quilts I completed on the frame/Qbot, I practiced free motion quilting (not using the Qbot).  Then I completed two quilts using each of the two overall designs.  Since I get bored very quickly, I started to look for more overall designs and found that Apricot Moon formatted their designs specifically for the Qbot.  So I ordered two overall designs (bubbles and French curl).  It was very easy to download and use.

Here is the quilt that I am using the bubbles design on...

and a close-up...

I love the way this quilt is turning out.  Of course, I will post a picture of the completed quilt when I am done.  


  1. The QBot is on my list, along with the frame and machine, lol. I love the bubbles one, I did some bubbles on a quilt last year but all by hand, it took forever - looks like you're having fun with it!

  2. That looks awesome, Talin!! (Can't imagine quilting circles by hand -- very difficult!) We all missed you and Priscilla Saturday -- hope you bring your quilts for us to see in Nov.! Florence

  3. Fabulous design. I love the bubble look.

  4. I LOVE it!.... Ilia

  5. This looks really interesting. I've never heard of a Qbot before.