Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Three New Handbags and a Surprise Package

I have been working on some new styles of bags.  I have always liked the look and feel of wool, but wool is hard to come by these days and very expensive.  But I had some black and red wool and this is what I ended up with...
It is fully lined with an inside pocket.  I decided to use a snap closure and then hand sewed a flower to the outside.  The button is covered with cotton fabric (the same one I used for the inside pocket).  

Then I started to think about making some clutch bags, basically because my daughter said I should and she likes them.  I think they can be a bit boring, so I decided to add strips of fabric together (because I do love scrappy).  Then I decided to add some beaded fringe.  Here is the result...

Then I decided to make one with a zipper and this is what I came up with...

This bag is also fully lined with a small inside pocket.  What do you think, should I add a flower to the outside or leave it as is?

Anyway, that is what I have been up to this past week.  Now to go and write some instructions so that I can make some more. 

On another note, look what I got in the mail yesterday...

Carolyn from the Vegetarian Hunter sent me these two washcloths (they are handmade) and some candy corn.  I feel soooo lucky, thank you Carolyn.


  1. Love the bags, especially the final one. A flower would be interesting, but it really doesn't need it.

  2. I love that clutch, Talin. I also love the fabrics that you used on it. Glad that your daughter influenced you to try it.

  3. Those bags are just gorgeous - yes, add a flower, I love your flowers! How nice to get some handmade cloths in the mail, those are so sweet!

  4. Wonderful bags!! I think a flower should be added too!

  5. Beautiful bags, I love the beaded fringe. And I agree: a flower would be great.
    Have a lovely weekend!!!!