Monday, January 24, 2011

While Watching the Football Game

Yesterday, while I was watching the football games, I decided to do some hand embroidery.

I purchased this printed, linen table runner for about a quarter at a garage sale.  I knew I would not use it as a table runner, but I could not pass it up.  I only embroidered one end of it and halfway up the sides.  I think it will make a really nice pillow.  But since I am working on my Drunkard's Path (circles) quilt, this will be put aside as a UFO for a while.


  1. It's very pretty Talin! I wonder what you could use it for? Love Di ♥

  2. That's really lovely - it could also be a purse front! I love being able to just pick up some hand stitching, I usually have two or three projects going on at a time!

  3. So pretty! Thanks for sharing with us.