Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Progress On My Red Circle Quilt

I have made some progress on my Drunkard's Path (red circle quilt).  As you can see, I have added border #1 and am planing on adding two more borders.  Border #2 will be slightly wider than border #1 and border #3 will probably be about 10" wide (I plan on appliqueing on border #3).  I am having fun with this one now.


  1. This is just gorgeous Talin!
    Love Di ♥

  2. Hi,Talin:-)
    I can only say: OMG!-It must be terribly difficult...Watching the blogs of quilting people,I rarely see the circles.It must be hard to sew and You have to be incredibly precisse.I admire Your Work-no further words to say,only admire,admire...etc:-)
    Bear Hugs-Halina-

  3. LOVE IT!! WOW!! Very striking quilt!

  4. Very stunning! Your quilt is amazing!!

  5. This one I knew was goign to be amazing! It is absolutely gorgeous... It shows how much you are enjoying it... so happy for you!