Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Strip Fever...

This is the new bag that I have been working on...
It is similar to the Spring Fever Bag, but it does not have a flower pin and I decided to tie the shoulder straps.  I really like all of the fabrics in this bag, mainly because I love batiks (and they are all batiks).  I ended up using a snap closure, but can see another bag with, perhaps, a button and loop closure in my future.  Well, that will be for another day.

Have fun all!


  1. I LOVE it. Those colors are luscious!!!!

  2. What a lovely bag. You have used wonderful fabrics in it.

  3. pretty, pretty bag-I love batiks too!

  4. Drop dead GORGEOUS. I love the tie handle!

  5. Very nice Talin, I love Batiks too but there are no fabric stores here anymore!
    Love Di ♥

  6. Hi,Talin...
    As usually-Your bag is very beautiful.Nice work-in very Spring mood and colours.I would carry it with me with pleasure,because I like green tints in my clothes and wear them very often,so it would be matching to them:-)
    Talin: I've got one important ask to You-
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  7. LOVE, LOVE!! Such a fun bag for spring. I like the idea of the tie strap also.

  8. Very nice... will have to tell me how long it took you to make it. Talk soon...Ilia

  9. What a great bag -- the colors are gorgeous!