Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun Time at the Retreat

Well, this past weekend was our guild's retreat.  We all had a good time with a one mishap.  Good news first, I completed a few cell phone covers...

I usually make small cell phone covers, but I needed to make some for larger cell phones, like the Blackberry.  I plan on selling them at a St. Joseph's Regional High School craft fair that I will be at this coming April. 

I also made a few blocks for a new quilt using Moda fabrics.  I ran out of light fabrics while I was at the retreat, so I did not complete as many blocks as I would've liked...so now I have another UFO to complete.

The best part of the weekend was that I finally purchased a new sewing machine.  I have been researching  machines for a while.  I ended up narrowing my search down to two machines, the Janome 6600 and the Babylock Symphony.  The Janome 6600 is supposed to be a sturdier machine, but I have the Janome 1600P and an old Singer machine to handle my heavier projects.  The Babylock had more features, but was more expensive.  In the end, I ended up purchasing the Babylock Symphony.  So now I have to take some time and learn to play with my new toy.

Now for the mishap.  During the retreat, I was sewing and noticed that something was blowing on me.  At first, I thought it was the wind, until I felt a drop of water.  So I looked up to see if someone was playing around.  Well, I noticed a few more drops.  I looked up to find that there was a leak on the ceiling.  Everyone came to my rescue (thank you!) and quickly moved my machine and projects out of the way.  It was not until later that we noticed that my friend's machine and tool bin had been damaged as well.  It is safe to say that my Janome MC4000 had been through a lot!  Poor baby.


  1. How fun to have a new machine! Lots to learn and to play with too. Love the blocks you made at retreat. And your cell phone covers are adorable!

  2. You are going to have fun learning all about the new machine. How exciting!!! Glad that there wasn't more damage with the leak. Bummer!!!

  3. Your cell phone covers are great - hope they sell well for you.... Enjoy playing with your new baby...what fun!

  4. Love those cell phone covers, very pretty! Your retreat sounds just so fun - except for the leak, yikes. My girlfriend went out to her sunroom tonight and found the roof had been leaking all over her long arm frame...which is wood. Your quilt is GORGEOUS. Congrats on your new machine - don't think I've seen that one! Will you get classes for it?

  5. Hi,Talin.
    I see very beautiful covers for phones.You could make the one for my IPhone too:-)))I think the size would be OK for me:-)))
    A new project and new start for the quilt seems to be very interesting.The fabrics are also fine in those warm colours.
    I am happy with You and Your new machine.Janome it is a very good,realiable company.I've even promissed myself that the next machine after my Singer will be also Janome.
    So...You did have the 'adventure' with the water splashing.It's not nice,but happens sometimes.I also had leaking roof,when I lived in Poland and I had to have it all changed into the new one.It was the expense,but afterwards I felt safer.The old roof was damaged by heavy winds in the storm and water splashed my bed:-)
    Greetings & Hugs-Halinka-

  6. Love the stuff you finished/made at the retreat...congrats on the new machine and ....OMG!!! water!! Yuck!!

  7. I love your projects Talin. And I am glad that you're getting a new machine, that's always exciting! Love Di ♥

  8. Hey... the blocks looks great when put together. I know you were not thrilled with them but the picture looks really good...have fun!


  9. The phone holders look great and I love the quilt blocks you did. That fabric looks fantastic. I hope there is no damage from the water. Bit scary where electricity is involved.