Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oops...forgot picture and Some Sachets

In my last post I forgot to put a picture of the notebook cover.  Thanks Val for catching my mistake.  I made this very simple notebook cover to put in my purse.

I have made these covers before, but have not added an inside pocket like I did with this one.  I think it will come in handy for me to put my cards and all those other scrap pieces of paper that float around in my purse.  I always have lists of books, music, movies, etc. I would like to pick up when I am in the library, store, etc.  Does anyone else do this?

I have started my Spring cleaning.  I first start with making a new batch of sachets that I put in my closet and drawers.  Of course, the ones in my drawers are prettier than the ones in my closets.  The ones in my drawers are hand embroidered (by me).  They have flaps in the back so that I can change the filling when they are no longer fragrant.  Here is a picture of some of the sachets that go in my drawers:

The ones in my closet are made from linen (pictured below, on right).

How do I make them?  I usually use the dried lavender buds from my garden, but this past year, they did not do too well.   So I ordered them from Rina's Garden (catey13@aol.com).  I was a bit apprehensive to order them sight unseen (I was worried that they would not be fragrant), but I was happy with her/their product.  The next step is to sew small pouches that will fit into the sachet covers (pictured above, in middle row).  Do you know what I use...dryer sheets.  I prefer to use them after they have been used because they no longer have a scent and they are more pliable.  I fill them with lavender (or any other flower buds/potpourri) and sew the opening.  Then I put them in my sewn sachet covers.  That's it.  So this is my start of Spring cleaning...I think that's enough for today, phew I am wiped! :)


  1. HI,talin.The cover for the notebook is very beautiful colours.Nice Work of Yours.I like also the sachettes with dry herbs,lavenda,rosemarine and rose petals.I also make them by myself,but these are practically small sacks,embellished with cross stitch to get hanged on ribbons,or laces in the wardrobe,where I have my clothes.I also put them to the drawers,like You.

  2. Your sachets are wonderful and a great way to start spring cleaning/organizing. I love the smell of lavender!

  3. Wow!!! I love the idea of dryer sheets!!! They look so pretty too.

    The notebook cover is fabulous!

  4. I love your little hand stitched sachet pillows... what a great idea.... I must off to pick some lavender to dry...

  5. The note book cover was worth waiting for. I love those fancy fabrics. I think little pockets are great in hand bags too.
    I recently bought some lavender and made some sachets out of charm squares I had hanging around. I got the idea from someone else's blog.

  6. I love your sachets! The embroidery is so sweet. I'm going to have to make some, too. Thanks for the review and link for lavender to purchase. I, too, use my garden lavender, but last year I forgot to harvest some before they went dormant. I needed a resource and know of a good one now. Thanks for the posting. I'm your newest fan.

  7. I absolutely love the little embroidered sachets you have done... These would make lovely gifts at Christmas..
    And, the work that went into the doll (from another post) is amazing!!!