Thursday, March 10, 2011

Utility Apron and Notebook Cover

Well I have seen utility aprons at Bahama Dawn and Sew Fantastic blogs and decided it was time for me to make myself one.  I thought I could use it at craft fairs or whenever I needed to have my supplies at hand and my hands free.  I had some scrap batiks fabrics leftover from my last quilt, so I decided to use them.  I pretty much just measured myself to see how much fabric/tie length I would need and eyeballed the placement of the pockets. I tried it on and I have to say it looks chic (mainly because it hides my middle, LOL).  Here is the result:

I wish the lighting was better (the fabrics are a bit more vibrant than they appear), but the weather is not cooperating.  We need some sunshine around here!

I don't know about anyone else, but I used to be a pretty decent speller.  I never noticed how things had changed until I started blogging.  Most times I would look at a word and know that it was spelled incorrectly and other times spell checker would highlight them for me (thank God).  So, now, I find myself looking words up in the dictionary (no not in book form) on the internet and have found that practice does improve your skills.  Just another great thing about if I spell anything wrong, please forgive me.  I am trying.


  1. HI,TALIN:-)
    The apron is fine and I guess very useful during Your work.It has got lots of pockets,so that You can put all necessary things in and have the hands free to do Your work accordingly.
    I see the green pieces of batik You have used there,matched them into a really fine effect.
    As concerning spelling-I've never had problems in Polish,as I've always been very skilled in writing,mostly long essays:-)Except for English,I've known four other languages and thieir spelling can sometimes mix,when I write in English.Out of all I can say English is my 'second language',because I use it at home,but after all it is not my native one,so writing-I sometimes have problems with 'double letters',where it's necessary to put them,where they shouldn't be at all:-)
    Concerning the American English-it is slightly different,than so called 'European one*-in writing as well as the pronunciation.I prefer the American one-it's much more easier:-)
    Blogging here-You deal well-I like to read all You write and hear the news from You:-)
    You can be sure-I'm very glad with all my heart to have that virtual Friendship.

  2. You will enjoy using that apron with all of the wonderful pockets.

    Like you, I used to be a great speller, but I think we get lazy with the ease of spellcheck and computers. I dread to think of the next generation who has texted all of their lives.

  3. The apron looks great. The stripey pockets are lovely colours. I take it you are keeping us in suspense about the notebook cover :)

  4. Great apron... I love it as a wall hanging for all those goodies too.... like scissors, and patterns and tapemeasures....
    Duz sumone chec the speling? oooops

  5. What a wonderful apron! I love the pockets. Good job! I know exactly what you mean about spelling....I used to be a proofreader, for pity's sake, and now I'm constantly looking up words! It must be my kids' fault. *G*

  6. worries on the spelling....I think the spell checker on this is wrong!!...LOL But, I use it all the time...

    You apron is very pretty!! I love the colors and I agree with Bubz.....I'd even use it for a wall hanging!

  7. I love that apron, very useful! And the fabrics are perfect. As for the spelling I just use the spell checker, right click and then pick the word!
    Love Di ♥

  8. Cute apron!! I was so happy when blogger added spell check! I use it all of the time, but still see mistakes..oh well.

  9. Your apron looks very chic ;)
    (I used to be a proofreader too!)