Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Go Cutter

My husband gave me an AccuQuilt Go cutter as a gift a few months ago.  I really wanted one because I save my scraps and wanted to be able to cut them into shapes.  I joined a club hosted by SewCalGal and, as a result, I was contacted by AccuQuilt.  They sent me these three die cuts with mat boards!  Lucky me!  Thank you Accuquilt (Lee, to be exact).

I am planning on using the one to the far right as an applique for one of my handbags.  So stay tuned for a tutorial.  The great thing is that I can iron a fusible onto the back of my fabric before running it through the Go cutter.  This way it will be all ready to iron onto my handbag.

For anyone who does not know how to use the Go cutter, it is really simple.  First you pick the die cut you want and highlight the motifs with a Sharpie.  Although highlighting is an option, it makes fabric placement easier, so I highly recommend it.

Then you add the fabrics you want on top of the shapes.

Then you top that with the cutting mat and run it through the Go cutter.

And voila, you have your shapes cut out for you.  I piled two fabrics through each shape, so there are two flowers and two centers.

The most I have layered onto a die cut has been 6.  For wool, yes I have run wool through it, I have put 2 layers.  Hope this has been helpful, let me know.


  1. Whoaa! What a fantastic husband you have! Congrats to you =)

  2. A GO! Cutter is on my dream list of desires. Lucky you!!

  3. You are really GOing to have fun with that. I can't wait to see what you create. I love how you can cut already fused fabrics for projects.

  4. A husband who buys you toys... he's a keeper.... you will have such a lot of fun with that...

  5. I have always wondered how they work.. you are a lucky girl..

  6. How fun! Love those flowers!

  7. Such easy shapes. Looks great.

  8. Fun dies. I'm looking forward to seeing the purse you create with the Funky Flower die. I'm sure it will be very cute.


  9. The Go Cutter looks like fun. Those flowers would be perfect for so many projects.