Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Am Back to Making Bags With Fabric Strips

I decided to make a shoulder bag using strips in the front and a solid color on the back.  I quilted the front and back of this bag with cotton batting on the wrong side.  I lined the bag and included a small inside pocket and decided to use a zipper since I have not done one in a while.  Here is the result of my labor.  I have yet to name it.

It measures 11" h x 7 1/2" w x 2 1/2" d.  The shoulder strap height is 13 1/2" (measured from top of bag to where strap will rest on you shoulder).

I really like this bag, but I think I would like to make one that is a bit wider and, perhaps, not as tall.  I guess I know what I will be working on tomorrow.


  1. Hi:-)
    I think,the bag's nice in the longer shape.It's very original form of the bag.Maybe rather for a tall woman,for whom it would be probably more convenient to carry.I like the lively colours-they are not very light,making the bag practical.I also like its volume-I bet-lots of very useful things can be confined in there.It's very beautiful,following Creation of Yours.

  2. Lovely.... sometimes all you need is a smaller bag..... it's amazing how many fat quarters would fit in it!!

  3. Totally cute. I actually like that shape of bag. I get so used to carrying my big ol' bag and when I go to a smaller one, I always tend to go that route.

  4. Looks nice. I love the strips.

  5. Oh that is really darling - good job Talin!

  6. I like it... I think you should call it the 'tall and skinny'. Really like how you use all those strips.... Very cool. Talk soon, ilia

  7. I love this bag Talin, great idea!
    Love Di ♥

  8. Very cute bag Talin. Looks to me like you planned it from the start. Love your choice of scraps.