Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Day Spent Sewing

A friend and I decided that we would pick a day to sew together.  Well, we have managed to have two of them so far and this is what I decided to work on...

I came across this block when I was looking through my quilt binder.  Quilt binder?  Yes, my quilt binder holds all those pictures and sometimes instructions of quilts I would like to try.  This one is from QNM April 2002 (Quiltmaker's Workshop Section) and titled Crazy Log Cabin.  I had a lot of leftover brights that I thought would be great!  So I just started to cut and sew.  I started out with 19 blocks and, I don't care what anyone says, scrap quilts are not easy!  For instance, now I am left with 15 blocks because I could not get  four of the blocks to measure 13" square.   I will either have 4 orphan blocks, use them in a different project, or donate them to my quilt guild...nothing goes to waste.  


  1. I agree with you about scrap quilts not being easy. I think I put more thought into how it will turn out than if I buy the fabric for a specific pattern.
    Love the block you made. The black makes the bright colors POP!

  2. I think scrap quilts are some of the most difficult. I am so loving all of the brights in that block.

  3. The block looks great - I love how you have joined up lots of scraps for the larger bright colour border..... not easy but it looks really effective....

  4. Lovely block. I have one of those "quilt binders" as well! I finally made a particular quilt pattern that I had hoarded since 1994, when I had 4 littlies under 5 and quilting was my escapist dream!

  5. Wow, I wish I had your talent!
    Love Di ♥

  6. I agree with the girls, scrap quilts are often harder than other quilts.. You have really got it to look right...