Monday, July 25, 2011

A Week of Summer Sampler Series

Here are the next 3 blocks from the Summer Sampler Series.

I have to say that I am learning a bit.  For instance, I have never worked on pieces with 60 degrees.  The third block (in the picture above) I worked on was composed of 60 degree pieces.   The instructions were very easy to follow and I did not have any issues sewing them together.   The second block was paper pieced.  I am not a fan of paper piecing, but I do not mind doing it from time to time.  However, I would never sew an entire quilt using paper piecing techniques.

I am beginning to like this series.  I can't wait for this week's blocks.


  1. They look great.... and I like to do a small thing like a 'block' to learn and see if I like a technique... it's a great series...

  2. They look fabulous and all of the points look so perfect. It will make a spectacular quilt.

  3. Wow. At first I was not thrilled about the solid colors but as usual you always amaze me. Now I am intrigued and looking forward to see more blocks and of course final project. Very cool..... Talk soon. Ilia

  4. These are just wonderful, I LOVE them in the solids!