Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Butterfly Handbag and after Thanksgiving

Well, Thanksgiving was a really nice day spent with family.  Every year I promise myself that I will not "overcook", but as always there are a lot of left overs and no one in the house, except for hubby and me.  The week end was spent driving the kids back to school and now it's time for me to get to business...I mean sewing.  Hope all those who celebrated had a blast.

Here is a new bag I made with brocade fabrics.  I used several different purple brocade fabrics for the outside and fully lined it with cotton fabric.  This bag is great because it is tall enough to hold your eyeglass case.  Usually I only take the bare essentials when I go out in the evening (lipstick, drivers license, and a few dollars), but as I am getting older I am finding it hard to find a spot for my eyeglasses.  I don't need them all the time, but I definitely need them to drive and to read fine print (bi-focals).  Any way, getting back to the bag.  I used a decorative fabric covered button on the flap.  It closes with a metal snap on the inside of the flap.

I named it the Butterfly Handbag because the brocade fabrics have butterflies all over them.  Look how roomy it is on the inside.

Well, that's it for now.  I am going on over to add a few handbags to my website Talinshandbags.com.


  1. Lovely (as usual) Talin! Perfect for your gorgeous purple brocade fabrics.

  2. That is just stunning, Talin! What a great idea to have it hold your eyeglasses. I don't like to carry a lot either, but I wear my regular glasses for driving and my bifocals for everything else. So annoying!

  3. That really looks beautiful. It is so nice to have a bag just that size (glasses are essential!!!) to carry out in the evening.

    I love the Thanksgiving leftovers - maybe even more than the turkey dinner. Is that possible?

  4. Your design is perfect. I love the way the big butterfly is featured and of course it is wonderful to have room for those pesky glasses.

  5. Your new bag is so cute Talin.. I have just spoilt myself by purchasing Amy Butler's bag book... at 70% off I just had too!!!