Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quilting On My New Joy Frame and My Very Last Christmas Gift

Okay so now that my quilting frame is all set up.  I put my quilt on and gave it a go.  Here are some pictures,

So far, there are no loops in the back and it is no longer shaking as the machine goes over the rails.  I am happy...finally!  Now to improve my quilting stitches.

On another note, I finished my last gifts for the Christmas Club through the Year which was hosted by Allie from Allie-Oops Sweet Happy Life.  Go on over to see what everyone else did.  There are some great tutorials that were posted throughout the year.  I managed to actually do a few.  I love sachets, but I have been having difficulty finding decent filling, except for lavender.  So what to do...well I had a whole bunch of perfumes that I thought might help me out.  The first thing I had to do was to take the tops off the perfume bottles.  I have to admit that it is a bit tricky, but with pliers and some perseverance, I managed to get it done without hurting myself.  Then I filled a small tub (the kind you get from take out) with rice and added the perfume to cover the rice.  You need to see a bit of liquid on top of the rice. Leave it out for about two weeks so that the rice absorbs all the liquid and is completely dry.  I would on occasion mix it with wooden chopsticks. 

Then I cut out shapes (birds, hearts, stars, whatever) and filled them with the rice.  Here is a picture of two that I made for myself.  I have made a lot more, but they are Christmas presents and I would like to keep them a surprise.  I embellished the ones I am giving as gifts.  For instance for the bird, I blanket stitched wool wings on both sides of the bird and added button and beads for the eyes.  For the heart, I added a collection of buttons, beads, and some lace.  The best thing about this is that you can be as creative or as simple as you like and use up your scraps at the same time.

Thank you so Much Allie for hosting!


  1. Oh my gosh your quilting looks so professional - amazing job, Talin! That is gorgeous! And I love your sachets, I would never have thought to add perfume to rice, what a clever idea. Those turned out so beautifully! And THANK YOU for playing along with me!!

  2. The quilting is fantastic.... so great to have the frame.... perfume with rice... .now theres a great idea..... thanks

  3. well done Talin,merry xmas

  4. Your quilting looks great and I am glad you are not having issues with the frame anymore.

    I love your sachet idea. I wonder if you could use some of the perfumed oils in the rice too.

  5. You always have such wonderful ideas and designs. What a great tip to use rice. Those are beautiful sachets that anyone would be thrilled to receive. Happy Holidays, Dear. Hugs, too....

  6. Your quilting looks wonderful!
    What a good Idea with rice. I love the little sachets.
    Merry Christmas.


  8. Happy Christmas Talin, even though it is belated..
    I love your little sachets.. and your quilting is awesome...