Monday, March 26, 2012

OMG! Has It Been That Long?

I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted.  I am a bit embarrassed. I have been trying to catch up on my reading list. I have missed hearing about what is going on in everyone's lives.  As for myself, I have been working on a few things.  My latest quilt in-progress quilt is this:

I do not know what it is called, but it is a two block quilt. I am almost halfway done...just a few more rows to go. 

On another note, I have finished quilting and binding my Summer Series Quilt.  I know I am a bit slow (I started this over the summer), but it's done! YAY!

This picture does not do it justice.  It is really vibrant in person.  I ended up using black and white fabrics for the sashing and borders.  I think it makes all the solids stand out.

I also finished quilting and binding the Crazy Log Cabin quilt.

I was not sure if this quilt was ever going to get finished because it was so wonky, but it turned out just fine.  I did not have bumps and lumps, it actually laid out flat and was very easy to quilt.

I currently have a string quilt on my frame, but would you believe I ran out of thread and I am having a difficult time finding the color?  If anyone has any ideas as to where to look, I would greatly appreciate it.  It is a 100% cotton Signature "Golden Harvest" variegated thread.   

Hope everyone is having a blast sewing and quilting...


  1. Hello,Hello:-)
    It's been so long,but meanwhile You have created three fantastic quilts!
    I like the first one-lots of colors and details-weathery in mood-looking so happy and sunny.
    The second one is also colorful,but I prefer those ones,which involve smaller pieces of fabrics.
    The last 'Crazy' one it is,in my opinion the real Hit of the Season:-)
    I love those all crazy pieces,which seem to be a little accidentally put into the general plan of the quilt,but if You stop Your eyesight suddenly and fix it for a while into the details thoroughly,You can see the repeatable,perfect tidied harmony of colors and shapes.This one I like best.
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  2. Oh wow you have been busy. love the wonky and the 2 block quilt at the top and your summer series one is terrific too. You are having as much fun as me!!

  3. Oh yay you are still around in blogland... you have been very busy though... such lovely quilts... I especially LOOOOOOVVVEEE the wonky log cabin.... but the others are fantastic too!

  4. I love each of them. The top one is such a GREAT use of scraps. I just love all of the bright colors.

  5. Well it's about time, lol!!! But it looks like you sure had a good excuse - LOVE that summer series quilt, and the one you're working on now, and the crazy log cabin - oh my that one makes me swoon - beautifully done!!! I'm sorry I can't help with the thread, I sure hope you find it - try googling -

  6. They are all beautiful Talin. I really like the last one, very unique! I've been busy in my yard. The weather has been beautiful here.
    Love Di ♥

  7. I love all your quilts but I am just crazy about your wonky log cabin. What a beauty.