Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Progressing on My YoYo Bag

So I got out my trusty Go Cutter and started to cut out the circles I need for my YoYo Bag.  I started with 3" square which I placed on the circle size die I wanted to use.  And then ran it through the Go Cutter and...

I ended up with these:

Look at all that waste?  Wish there was something I could do with all these scraps.  

A friend of mine had used a YoYo maker for a project and she said they made life simpler.  So I ran out to the store and purchased the large and extra large sizes.  I got out my thread and was ready to start making the 192 YoYos when I noticed something disturbing.

Guess I should have measured before I went to the store because neither one of these YoYo makers is the right size.  So I guess I will be heading out to the store tomorrow.


  1. One gal I met was collecting scraps for a group of people whom used them to stuff dog beds they were making and donating to the animal shelter. Perhaps there is a group that does that down there?
    Or you could make a textured chenille art quilt?
    Have fun shopping and making your yo-yos!

  2. I think cutting circles you're going to have more waste - I agree to use them for stuffing if you can. Too funny that you got two yo-yo makers and neither was the right size - are we sisters? LOL!

  3. I think I would have started sewing them without the tool at that point. ;-)

  4. Well at least you can take them back, right? As for the scrapes, my mind is scrambling,there has to be something that could be made with them! They are the circles right? Isn't there a circle quilt? Maybe something, there has to be something! Love Di ♥