Monday, May 14, 2012

Some Progress With a Few Hiccups

Although I went out bought the correct size yo-yo maker, the results were not satisfactory.  So I decided to make one by hand to see the difference.

The yo-yo on the top right is made by hand and the one on the bottom left was made with the yo-yo maker.  It seems that when you take small stitches and pull the yo-yo into shape, there is a an opening.  The yo-yo maker tool takes larger stitches and closes completely.  I decided to take some time and think about which yo-yo I was going to use for this bag.  As you can see in the picture below, there needs to be an opening for the inside fabric (smaller circle) to show through.  I think that is the beauty of this bag.

There needs to be an opening to show the inside fabric.

While I was waiting, I made all these large yo-yos for the other bag I wanted to make.  Since I was using the tool, it only took me two nights (while watching tv) to make the 128 yoyos.

There are 128 yo-yos in this pile.

On another note, I do not know if you will remember, but I had an unfortunate finding while I was quilting my strip quilt.  I posted about it here.  Well I took the advice left in the comments.  First I painted the hole using a permanent pigma marker and then put a few drops of Fray Check on top to seal it.  I was going to try to put a bonding agent underneath the hole, but I could not get it underneath and I did not want to make the hole any bigger.  I think it looks fantastic and now I can hardly see the hole at all.  I took the picture when the Fray Check was still wet (oval spot), but the spot went away when the Fray Check dried.


  1. Good job on the quilt repair Talin. I don't know if I would have the patience to finish all of those YoYo's but I can't wait to see your finished product! Love Di ♥

  2. The repair looks terrific.

    I noticed the difference in the yo yos when I used the tool too. I like the hand ones better myself. The purse will be gorgeous.

  3. That is a LOT of yo-yo's! I think you should make them by hand, if you need to have an opening. That one turned out really well, just like the picture. GREAT fix on the hole in your quilt!!!!

  4. So many yo-yo's! I have discovered lately how much I enjoy having a hand sewing project to work on while watching TV at night. Yo-yo's look like a good project for that. Great job on the repair! I have had my share of small holes found too late... I will definitely remember your solution!