Thursday, June 28, 2012

Featured on Best of the Web

My blog has just been featured on Best of the Web:Be@Home which recognizes the most interesting home decor websites. I am honored and excited about this...YAY! Go and check it out. Here is the link

Monday, June 25, 2012

New iPAD Cover

I am so excited that I now have an iPAD, Yippeee!  I needed to find a cover for it, so I searched and searched, but could not find the one I wanted.  So, you guessed it, I sort of winged it.  First I picked out a fabric that I liked, then I quilted the fabric, and then I cut it out to sew.  I have a snap closure, but I also added an elastic trim (black trim) so that I can flip it over to the back for extra security.  Now just so you don't think I can just whip things up, this was my second attempt! And I am very happy with the way it turned out.  The last pic shows a small cutout for taking pictures, this was missing from every iPAD cover tutorial/instruction I found.

Closed and the black trim is elastic so it can be flipped to secure.

Fully open with snap closure

Standing upright

I used a grommet for the photo eye opening.
Just one more note, since I used a grommet for the photo eye opening I placed a small amount of glue on the inside to prevent the grommet from scratching my iPAD.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Goodies in the Mail

Imagine my surprise when I went to my mail box today and found a package from Leona from Leona's Quilting Adventure.  I forgot that I had signed up to receive some goodies during my birthday month.  Yes, I am now one year older.  Thank you so much Leona.  She sent me a beautiful fat quarter, Log Cabin key chain, and a mustache pin from Christine from Sewandsomuchmore.

I said I would show you some of my hand projects since I have not been home much.  I am still working on my yo-yo's.

And I made this beautiful flower bag.  This bag was done entirely by hand.  I love this book (Omiyage by Kumiko Sudo), it is an "oldy", but  "goody".  I have made several projects from it and I always find myself browsing through it.

Here is the other side of the flower.  It is really tiny.  Most of the bags in this book are more decorative than useful, but that doesn't stop me from making them.  They are used to put gifts in and then give away.

I am hoping to get to the sewing machine sometime soon, but until then...

Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Proud Parents

Well, it happened.  Late last month my daughter graduated from college.  She is leaving her college town, home town, and moving herself to sunnier weather.  We have been packing, unpacking, packing, and unpacking again.  It has been a whirlwind, trying to find an apartment, picking out furniture, cleaning, etc..  Needless to say I have not had much time for crafts, but have managed to work on a few hand projects here and there.  Hopefully I can post them in the near future.  I have also tried to keep up with reading the blogs I follow, but I am so far behind it isn't funny.  But it is all worth when I look at this picture...

I don't know if she yet realizes how lucky she is!  She may disagree with me a bit about how lucky she is because there have definitely been some hardships along the way.  But I prefer to dwell on the positive.  Her college years have afforded her the opportunity to make new friends, have guidance from some great professors, and support from the community.  Although she is closing this chapter in her  life, she is now starting a new one with her career.  I hope she will be as lucky and I hope she knows how happy and proud her parents are.  We love you!