Monday, August 13, 2012

Finished My Scrappy Stars Quilt

I finally finished the Scrappy Stars Quilt I was working on when I went on our guild's retreat last year.  It ended up being a twin size quilt, based upon how much of the beige fabric I had.

This is not the best picture, but it was all I could do at the time.  What is the first thing that you see?  I notice the beige colored crosses, but if I look at it long enough, I can see the multi-colored stars and then I see the cross hatching.  It is quite interesting.

Have a great day everyone.


  1. It's fantastic - there is so much to look at... I first see 4 square blocks... then the stars - each time I look it is different....

  2. It really is a fabulous design and I LOVE scrappy quilts.

  3. Your Scrappy Star are beautiful! What a great design.

  4. Hello,Talin:-)
    Lovely Quilt-absolutey in my taste.You know-I love all those $you make,consisted of small elements.It must be very strenuous to fit them,thinking of the setting and the colors at the same time,but the effect is fabulous and it's worth that hard work.
    I admire Your skills and patience.
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-

  5. Oh Dear! Now I am confused, LOL!! I see flowers! It's very pretty Talin. Love Di ♥

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