Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dead Man's Curve Car Show and Purse Insert

Over the weekend, hubby and I went to a car show, his friend had a Shelby in the Dead Man's Curve Car Show.

Nice, huh?  There were a lot of awesome old cars, here are pics of a few:

Hubby likes this one

On another note, I finally made a purse insert/organizer.  Do you know what that is?  Every time I change my purse, I have to rearrange and pick and choose what I want to take with me.  Well, with the purse insert, you just move the insert which has pockets to hold all of your stuff.

I found the instructions on the Jamome site here.


  1. Nice cars... I like the light blue one (with the hood down)... isn't that insert a brilliant idea....

  2. We love car shows too. This one looks like a lot of fun.

    Thanks for the insight on the purse insert. I definitely need to make one of these inserts.


  3. LOVE the idea of a purse insert!!!!

    Hey....I'll take that vette too.

  4. Drooling over those cars - I'll take one of each, lol! Love the Shelby! Your purse insert is very cool, I love the gorgeous colors. That is a great idea!

  5. The cars look great. I love the old shapes. I have a bag insert but my bags are different sizes and it it doesn't fit in them all.

  6. LOVE the Shelby!! They just don't make cars like they used too!! Love, love, love the old muscle cars!! Thanks for all of the great pictures!!

  7. I never get tired of seeing old cars. I had a Shelby many years ago and a 69 Firebird. I really like the purse insert Talin. Believe it or not I was thinking the other day that I wish I had one!
    Love Di ♥

  8. What an incredible way to spend the weekend! I’m guessing you and your husband are both fascinated with cars and car shows, that you chose to attend this auto show instead of going to the mall and just walk around. Eyeing incredible cars are definitely a good way to enjoy your day-off while spending it with your partner in life.

    Leisa Dreps

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  10. Great post, I generally have quite dis-handbag organizer but I do also carry round a measuring instrument and a listing of measurements of varied nooks and crannies of my house just in case} I come across the right thing on my travels, glad I'm not the sole one!